by Mirror Fears



released September 11, 2014




Mirror Fears Denver, Colorado

Electronic / experimental / ambient / darkwave / queer / industrial


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Track Name: Break
Take it from
Take it from me
With permission love
Don't break
Don't break my trust

You're not afraid of anything
You've never had a reason to be
Two become one and sometimes three
And why should we care?

Breaking barriers and
Shaking all of my nerves
On the
Lean towards it
I bet you can afford it

Buckles can pinch and chains can twist
But pleasure was never your nemesis
Only the ones who caused you scars
And called you "SINNER, SINNER, SINNER!!"

The voice is there to keep you safe
Far from anything commonplace
Just travel across time and space
So what's the big deal?

You denounce it and make it hurt
You announce yours with boring hairshirts
I pronounce "fun" and you hear "pervert"
You renounce it and take us
further away
from a place where
responsible people
with systems
can replace
the predators
holding hostage
the victims
You make it immoral and we pay the price again

In your fetters and
Your thirst or better
All your letters
And put that gavel down
Track Name: Dear Sir,
Dear Sir,

You say it is vain to claim "We are the cause of mother's changes." I argue the gall is greater to assume she's immune to all our excess. You can't put your finger on the long-term ripple-echoes of a single step you take. And yet you make them, so is it real or faked then,

Your certainty Sir?

So who is the one who is convinced that we are the scum of the earth? You have us under your thumb, but one-to-one, you're not even worth someone's weight in tears. Is it because of the likes of you and your residue that I sometimes approve of our extinction? And are you really hardwired to scar and char this world into cinders? Consider

Your circuitry, Sir.

Do you agree...
we're an aberration and we should walk into the sun?
as a species we are too greedy to evolve?
you are taking us swiftly to a premature end?
are we on the same page, do we both lack such faith in humanity?

(Should we all burn then, or should we just target them causing our premature end?) Yeah I wish I was Le Femme Nikita, sniper rifle in hand, I would hold you stand for your crimes and demand the end of your...

Your cerebrum, Sir.

I wish that'd be the end of it.
If I could put a stop to it by just putting a bullet in it,
But we all know what would become of it:

YOU, I'd turn into it,
MURDER becomes
HER, murder will transform
IT; into the
YOU, sir, into
Track Name: The Hour
I can only hope that we
Haven't reached that critical time yet
Cause if its happened already
What else will slap us in the face
Give us the opportunity to

Retrace our steps
make amends
take the evil in
with no means
for justifying ends
just means
she just means
for heres and nows
to transcend
our desire
for a happy ending
or fears of devils
in our beds
put to rest

What's it going to take for me
To ask for help and once I do what will it help?
Cause I've survived all of this time on solidarity
And now it's perforated, saturated, with a distinct

Need for you
to come through
to let me ask of you
this selfless act
where we bring back
the humanity that we've lacked
restore our souls
recollect our goals
and foster those
that we've left for dead
that are just asleep instead

I just need
a place to lay my head
a place to call a bed
a phone to call a friend
a dollar, kid

I just need
a second chance
a warmer pair of pants
you to take my hands
and not your terrified glance
Track Name: WP
Are you sick of it?
Do you not want to hear about it?
Imagine the exhaustion within
If you were the one with the dark skin***

I don't know, and I can't know, and I'll never know just what that's like
And you may not know (if you don't know by now), you'll never know what's that's like
And if you claim to know that you don't know about what it's like on the other side
Then you're answering "if" when we need to ask "what"

What are we going to do with all of this
Well the first step is accepting the truth that it
And if that's too hard for you
Then that's what you are,
and we obviously have work to do

I find it strange I still have hope in the human race
Lately, things have been pretty fucked up
I guess we've still got a long way to go if we want to get to space

(What do we do now?)
What are we going to do with all of this
Well the first step is accepting the truth that it
And if that's too hard for you
Then that's what you are,
So hold up a mirror
It's the 21st century and we need to see more clearly
If you've got any power, then that means someone has less
And it's so obvious it's narcissicm at best
To get wrapped into your conquests
And charmed by the womb
Of all this softness and quiet
Of a life lived just for you and yours
It's more than just surviving
Moreso about this "mine mine mine" mentality
That'll leave us all alone

Leave us all alone

We're not just animals anymore
We don't have to hoard
We have got to care
There's too much pain out there
And you've got it too
Up in the penthouse, yeah even you
It's deep and blind and cruel

We are all alone

So while we're on this plane
We need to find a common name
Evolution is the aim

Cause we are all the same

And we all play this stupid game
But the rules are not always the same
If your skin's a different shade

So let's burn this pallisade

And I don't know what to do
But I know it has to start with you
To accept the truth that
Decades cannot centuries undo
And you will screw your kids up too
If you're not asking
"What are we going to do?"
***(bass line is morse code for "FUCK RACIST POLICE, PUT THEM IN JAIL")