by Mirror Fears



released November 6, 2014




Mirror Fears Denver, Colorado

Electronic / experimental / ambient / darkwave / queer / industrial


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Track Name: Shellacking
every drastic measure
each precautionary tale
tactical tabernacles forging false treasures
they're diversions for the real ones:
fingers clutching beads with palms pierced by their own fingernails

won't you qualify the pain you've caused?
can you quantify the minds lost in his name?
names, yes, I know plenty: the chapters, my friends, aunts, cousins, brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, uncles, neighbors, lovers...

with eyes beginning to track
physically unable to step on sidewalk cracks
they could be worried about their mothers' backs
they might be worried they've just prompted hell's attack
this is catholic shellac

and no faith is safe or sacred here
if they're promising freedom from doubt
they'll pour the liquid over you and it will dry crystal clear
but you may never get out
Track Name: Ladders
It's a fine line that you'd like for us to walk all of the time
But the truth is that the insipred never balk at the sight of a
High wide ladder

So can we talk about the gray matter
And not reanalyze the seduction by the black adder
I know it's easy to reduce it to that and the white light
But we're so inbetween

And no-one's as simple as they seem
Nobody fits this monochrome scheme
Nature has never been based on dichotomy
And you can fool yourself but you'll never fool me

All our climbs into these heights
Are joyful, terrifying, and filled with fights
We gain altitude and see your path
Full of loved ones and strangers that make us cry and laugh

So can we please talk about the gray matter
Cause it's more powerful than the venom of the black adder
And far more gracious than that piercing white light
Because it's inbetween

And we are not machines
We don't speak in binary
We are composed of much more complex strings
Xs and Ys and dollar signs aren't the only things that make human beings

Willingly perpetuated
Many lives lived suffocated
It must be annihilated
What is it? Can change belated
Stubbornly perpetuated
Possibilities placated
I would like to annihilate it
No one needs to feel such hatred
Mother-father perpetuated
Time-ideas for money traded
Men-and-women doomed and fated
To living lies
Cut ties
Daily changes
Small at first, do what you can yes
Large for some, others Atlas
Hold the world, shoulders unfurl to
New ways to perceive
A ladder below and beneath
A way to climb from different seeds
Suspended in air
So tenuous and
So rare
Track Name: Silver, Slower
Caught you in my eye
Like a thorn in my side
You dig into me
All those things we could be
And we could be

I'll remember your name
I'll remember the place that you came from
And a hundred other things
That might be truths
Or there might be none

Say my
Say my name please
Stay a while
Stay if you think that we
Might find
Space for each other a
Gold mine
Or a silver river
And I'll say your
I'll say your name and I'll
Stay a while
I'll stay if you think that we
Might find
Space for each other a
Gold mine
Or a silver river
Track Name: Lucky
Opportunity and gain
Words in only certain terms I can explain
Moments when the choice is choicest
Moments when you roll your body over, you're just

Lying in a bed of four-leaf clovers and pulling them up,
pulling them up by the roots
Your fortunate dormition has taken over, when will you wake up?

Is it your first frost or your second strike?
Third, fourth, a dozen times, hiding from me
Mon ami
Bon chance
It's your romance
So take a chance
You're far too lucky to be

Lying in a bed of four-leaf clovers and pulling them up,
pulling them up by the roots
Your fortunate dormition needs to end now, so wake the fuck up!

Far too lucky to be
Depressed, alone, filled with apathy
Uninvolved, unenthused, uninspired by anything
Bored out of your skull, feeling the world is far too full
Of people to do everything for you
How can this whole world bore you?
The waking world won't wait for you!
Track Name: Carousel
You've heard that story
about the world walking in a line
it would go on forever
running in circles this time
There's not enough to go around
so spin me around
at this carousel
Pay two tickets for this ride
one for your bread
and one for your mind

I call the horse with the barrel chest
I'll lead us to war with my hand in my vest

Facing backwards so to see you all
I'll march us to hell
into the lion's mouth
a snake eating its tail

When we run out of coal, do we then burn the books?
If we can't pay the fare, do we then become crooks?
What is with those greedy looks?