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by Mirror Fears

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Digest 02:58
Digest What is wrong with all of us Is it something we ate Is it way too late Have we seen the last of it Can you still surprise me Have we reached the peak What is wrong with all of us Is it something we ate Can we ever reciprocate Have we seen the last of it Can you still surprise me Do I even want us to continue to be? We’ve eaten too much and can’t digest it Our bodies are starting to reject it
WOW 06:14
I know that you know a little boy I know that you know a little girl I know that you know a little kid how much longer until they have to know the weight of the world the gates before the girl the weight of the world you do not value her health you do not hold the precedent for all of the different kinds of wealth it's a rime to say you have all the answers it's a sick joke to say you fight for hers the fate of the world rotating or to be hurled depends on the fate of the girl you have no intention to help her only give lip service to lifers you could restrict it but we'll still need it i think i get by now it must be habit to criminalize our bodies at every turn it is falling down it is crumbling down sometimes I'd like to help it down if it wasn't for you we are losing ground we are all going to drown sometimes I wish us down but for you cause you are going to have to hold the weight of the world these poor babies aren't poor babies yet our poor girls are poor girls our poor girls
TerrorFormer 04:28
wide sidewalks hide the cracks good for my friends not able but they're not invited to sit at your golden table terrorformer can't you tell we don't want what you sell we just want to keep the places where we dwell weight of the buildings peering over us - they see us in the streets they commune to subtract us from the view a place for dogs to play but not for weary heads to rest can't you read the saigns they say NO TRESPASSING terrorformer can't you see you're fabricating enemies you kidnap our children and you claim them as your own you pour foundations with our bones we all know your fields will grow fallow but you cut our evergreens and you use our fat to make your tallow the light looks bleached and bright inside but we don't want in we're just criminals for simply standing in your doors and you break more cause you can make more and you build more but you lock more cause they cost more then you close more and leave us more empty than before
agunn 05:46
do you have plans for a gun does your neighbor make you want a hundred do you think you'll ever fire one (have you ever fired one) into someone one is the number of bullets it takes to take a life i propel 3.3 every second and you have the right to fire me I'm the one I'm the gun you can caress me protect me I'm your loved one make sure to keep them from me cause they look scared and you look lonely you wouldn't want them to damage my integrity I know you like me cause I'm fun I am the life of the party - the red one I know the correct formula to convince them you know the statistics every one - just repeat them history might but we'll have won either way as long as you don't let them take me away cause me - I'm the one I'm the gun you can caress me protect me like your loved ones make sure to keep them from me cause they look scared and you look lonely you wouldn't want them to get their dirty blood on me give me your arm and we'll walk down the street you and me, we'll be the envy of all that we meet
I never took a wrong turn if I could, never shot a stray arrow, so naturally all of them were bent. I traveled with a large company most times, guides to point me, guides to support and anoint me, whether I asked, wither I wandered. Meanwhile you learned how to read compasses alone using the stars and performing monologues to inanimate audiences - a shifting deck and plane your norm. Taking directions without prompting, and some in defiance.Living brightly from the start because you could never help it. Somehow we landed in the same place - wildly different once. Like a bear in Africa. Not really, sort of. I made myself look busy making targets I would never hit while you looked down from your eyrie into my pastoral life - hunting and hitting, and somehow choosing me amongst all the city dwellers. You saw me. And I guess it stuck. If you knew you'd fire true would you still shoot If you knew what you'd lose would you even aim Or would you just keep on fletching arrows Well you fell from up high and I caught your eye there's only one thing to do Well your aim is good but you only ever shoot prey and I'm standing so close We snuck up on eachother - what was it about you, what was it about me? In the silence of the afterglance you drew the barb back to the haft and shot me straight through Yeah you shot me straight through - what were you expecting me to do, what could I possibly do? So I took the arrow shaft and I broke it in half and I handed it back Yeah I'm giving it back but I'm giving you half, it's a bloodbath Yeah I'm giving it back but I'm giving you half and I'm stabbing you with that It's a bloodbath
Rest 03:54
I want to know the crease of the eyelids to the trail traced down armpits towards ridges of ribs And I want to learn the smell of the air between miniscule hairs upon neck backs and Where she gets her power how she takes it what ancient fire awakes it and can some part of me make that Because it gets confusing when your admiration sits beside an adoration so willing to be consumed by it & It always rests I will contest for nothing less Than seeing and not touching her majesty (verse by Jake Danna of CURTA) This is the place where I’ll stay while you choose what to keep to yourself and what to let me in on I won’t bother you if you want nothing to do with me, ‘cause we must pour our time water into pitchers frugally I’m not a saint, kind of a flake but I try hard to make an effort to forgive and to brightly live and I’m interested in people who give a shit (Simultaneous verse by KokoLA of RAREBYRD$) I wanna know what you know what you write what you build and your guild, even. I wanna know what you’re a part of even if it’s something that I’m apart from And from the other side of the glass, you might be one that someone knows as that: a participator, a collaborator in something bigger than just one woman can be but The difference is you kinda make my skin sizzle You kinda make my heart skip a little And I go hot white in the middle So where do you get your power And how do you make or take it What kind of ancient fire awakes it And are we building something to burn together Because I’m so arrested by the idea, but not enough to stay frozen in zones that don’t exist and can’t be chosen That’s while I’ll be here finding fuel for the bonfire Fuel for my own fire Fuel for my own bright fire because it always rests I will contest for nothing less Than that it will rest
Retch 04:14
Play Dead 06:06
forays and forums social and solo scared and silent does it make you move though your intentions clear from the moment you first appeared arms raised; a movement arms lowered; a movement fists raised; a movement fists lowered; a movement voiced raised; a movement voiced lowered; a movement eyes raised; a movement eyes lowered; a movement thoughts raised; a movement thoughts lowered thoughts lowered thoughts lowered.....can't happen when they come for you will you play dead when they come for them will you play dead when they come for us will you be dead already however little you have its more than them however small your voice its louder than however much you wish you could you can for them how much longer can you stand to play dead stand to play dead


released October 8, 2017

Written, produced, and recorded by Kate Warner. Additional writers/performers/recorders: (4): Madeline Johnston, (5): Tom Murphy, (7): KokoLA, Jake Danna, Andrew Warner, KeyLady, (9): Shannon Webber. Eaten was mastered in Denver by Randall Frazier and is supported by Abstract without Abstraction // awoa.bandcamp.com

Photos by Veronica Lee
Design, hair, and makeup by L.A. Zwicky
Artwork by Mitchell Pond

Love and thanks to Ryan, Randall, Veronica, Lauren, Mitchell, Madeline, Tom, Koko, Jake, Andrew, Shannon, David, Kheya, James, Tommy, 75Ω, orchidz3ro, BM, Rocketspace, Dennis, Carol and Michael, my family, Laura & GRD family, Sarah & Titwrench family, Marisa & Gatas family, Talk All Night family, the Nerds, Jim and Mutiny, Doug, Michael and Wax Trax, Sean, DonJon, JJ, Marie, Robin, Toby, Byron, Brent, Brad, Ian, Molly, everyone who puts on shows and helps music in and out of town, everyone who has supported my music, Logan, Ezrie, Elijah, Nova, and Remi.

Special thanks to Isaac, Kate, and John. I treasure your generosity and friendship.




Mirror Fears Denver, Colorado

Electronic / experimental / ambient / darkwave / queer / industrial

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